WIRES wildlife triage centres

WIRES wildlife triage centres

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

There's a lifesaving new development coming to WIRES - Wildlife Triage centres!  

These will be essential during emergency situations because they’ll provide a single location for injured wildlife to be assessed and medically treated, before being transferred to available wildlife carers.  

Our Triage centres are designed to be quickly assembled near disaster zones and will be transportable via our Emergency Response fleet. Each set up will include triage, administration, and animal accommodation, and will adapt for heat events, storms, bushfires and floods. 

With Australia's extreme weather becoming more frequent and severe, these new mobile centres will help us respond to wildlife emergencies quickly and efficiently, helping us to respond to more native species during times of crisis. Together, and funded almost solely on donations like yours, we are the Wildlife Emergency Response our native animals urgently need us to be.

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