Logrunner chicks

Logrunner chicks

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Contractors for Essential energy in northern NSW were clearing branches that were too close to power lines, as always conscious of any native animals that may be sheltering in the trees.

One of the fellows working on the site heard chirping, however he could not locate a nest in the bushes or in any of the trees. It took him a while to locate the sound, but he persevered and found two little chicks chirping in distress.

The nest was well concealed amongst lantana and mulch on the ground.

WIRES was called and this little chick is one of two now in care.

At first the nest was relocated nearby but away from the heavy boots, in the hope that the parent birds were still around, but after a few hours it became apparent that most likely they had left the area due to the disturbance and noise.

It is hoped that the parents will return once the area is again quiet and undisturbed. WIRES will keep the chicks in care and try to reunite them with their parents as they start to fledge.

They are Australian Logrunners, a small bird that spends it's time running along logs in the undergrowth looking for and feeding on insects.

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