Your support is enabling critical help for koalas

Your support is enabling critical help for koalas

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Every time a displaced, injured or sick koala is reported to our Wildlife Rescue Office we send out a Critical Alert so help can reach them without delay. With our koala populations besieged by habitat loss, increased traffic and the terrible impacts of chlamydia, we are now sending critical koala alerts almost every day and have assisted more than 650 koalas who’ve needed urgent assistance in the past year.

One such koala was Matty, who was discovered in a back garden in Greater Sydney last month. With his habitat all but gone, we believe the young koala was frightened by a dog and had tried to escape by scrambling over a fence and into the chimney of a BBQ, where he was discovered by a concerned member of the public.

This little koala was one of the lucky ones. Whilst he was quite small for his suspected age (most likely the result of a lack of available food trees), he’s now recuperating with his WIRES carer and will hopefully be released back into protected habitat soon.

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