WIRES Emergency Flood Response is saving lives across Australia

WIRES Emergency Flood Response is saving lives across Australia

Monday, January 30, 2023

Australia's prolonged, and ongoing flood crisis has affected hundreds of communities, thousands of farm animals and immeasurable numbers of native animals.

Since the crisis first struck in March 2022 our Emergency Response Teams have been conducting vital search and rescue missions across impacted areas and assisting wildlife groups by transporting displaced, injured and orphaned native animals to safety in our Wildlife Ambulances.

Across Australia, carers have been overwhelmed with rescue requests, lost important equipment and often do not have the finances available to replace what they urgently need. Together with our partner Woolworths we've now distributed replacement enclosures, rescue items and wildlife food to hundreds of flood affected wildlife groups and carers, including more than 750kg of food. The most frequent requests have been for mammal milk formulas and adult echidna feed, a species which continues to be heavily impacted.

The crisis continues and our Response Teams are now in contact with flood impacted wildlife groups in Western Australia. We are supporting Native Animal Rescue Broome with food support and will hopefully provide support to Derby Native Wildlife and Fitzroy Crossing Wildlife when deliveries are possible.

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