When every second counts

When every second counts

Friday, August 4, 2023

A member of the public was walking her dog in Sydney when she found a Ringtail Possum lying on the ground. Very sadly, the possum appeared to have been attacked by another animal and was dead, however when she looked closer, she realized the possum was female, and there was movement in her pouch. She gently opened the pouch to find three surviving infants.

Luckily she was close to home. She gently contained the deceased mother and her infants in a large shoebox, and called WIRES for urgent help.

Our Emergency Responder Logan arrived at the home and placed the infants in a mobile incubator, which thanks to your support, are contained in each of our Wildlife Ambulances. Whilst dehydrated and hungry, the infant Ringtails seemed quite alert and healthy and were driven by Logan to a local vet for a comprehensive health check. Once ready, they'll be transferred again to a WIRES carer, where they’ll learn all the skills they'll need for an eventual return to the wild. A big thank you to the member of public who stopped her morning walk and checked the pouch!

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