This is our community

This is our community

Friday, August 4, 2023

Do you remember the lovely church community in Lismore who helped WIRES rescue a barn owl from the church organ pipes?

A couple from the congregation recently got in touch, as they wanted to encourage more birds in their garden. Julie, a long-term WIRES carer, took the couple a nesting box, which had been made by local school children to help wildlife after the terrible Northern Rivers floods.

After much time spent measuring and cutting the metal strapping used to secure the box to the tree, Julie realised she’d need a second pair of hands to hoist and secure the box. Luckily our Emergency Responder Tarn was nearby and was able to lend the necessary support.

Minutes after the install, two Rainbow Lorikeets flew straight to the nesting box to take a look. You do have to move fast when real estate is at a premium!

This is our community

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