Restoring wildlife corridors with your help

Restoring wildlife corridors with your help

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Your donations are helping to restore and reconnect habitat so surviving wildlife populations can thrive in safety. Thanks to Andrea Lim for this beautiful image of a mistletoebird and her nestlings.

One of the most important ways we can protect surviving wildlife is to restore and regenerate their natural habitat. Reconnecting wildlife corridors is particularly vital because it enables species to roam and forage safely, recolonising habitat and finding suitable mates.

WIRES has partnered with the Great Eastern Ranges to help fund the restoration and regeneration of critical wildlife habitat in the Upper Clarence, Greater Blue Mountains and NSW South Coast; all areas that suffered significantly in the 2020 Black Summer Bushfires.

The project is supporting over 22 species of wildlife including koalas, greater gliders, spotted-tail quolls, masked owls and grey-headed flying-foxes. It includes installing nest boxes to replace natural tree hollows that have disappeared, huge replanting efforts of nectar producing shrubs, and restoring landscapes so they are more resilient to future climate disasters.

The project includes carefully monitoring the recovery of wildlife populations and their habitats, and working with traditional owners, local landowners and community groups to share knowledge and build local capacity. A key focus is also on restoring locations that can serve as suitable release sites for rehabilitated wildlife.

It’s a massive project with a big vision - thanks to your support!

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