Our Wildlife Ambulance fleet continues to grow

Our Wildlife Ambulance fleet continues to grow

Friday, August 4, 2023

Thanks to your donations, WIRES now has Wildlife Ambulances across Tasmania, Southern Queensland and NSW. Each Ambulance is driven by an Emergency Responder, trained in the rescue and care of all Australian species.

 The next Wildlife Ambulance to hit the road will be in the central west of NSW, a region that has suffered droughts, bushfires and floods over the past five years, and is now gearing up for another dangerous fire season. Regional wildlife carers also have the additional challenge of travelling vast distances between rescues, vet clinics and their homes, which can take up a considerable amount of time and fuel.

This new Wildlife Ambulance – made only possible thanks to your support, will mean more native animals will be rescued quickly and receive immediate medical aid. For hundreds of native animals over the coming months and years – it will be the difference between imminent death, and a second chance of life in the wild.

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