Orphaned pademelon gets his second chance in the wild

Orphaned pademelon gets his second chance in the wild

Sunday, January 29, 2023

So often, our work is about providing second chances for the survivors of very sad situations. Against the relentless pressures of land clearing, urban development and increasingly extreme weather events, our work to rescue displaced, injured and orphaned wildlife is becoming a vital part of securing the survival of some of our most vulnerable native species.

This young Rufous-bellied pademelon was orphaned after his mother was caught on a barbed wire fence in Tasmania. Whilst the mother sadly died on her way to the vets, her joey was unharmed, and was found in bushes just a few metres from his mother.

He was distressed and hungry but otherwise in good condition. It took a long time for our Emergency Responder to capture the joey, as he needed to work quietly and gently so as not to cause additional stress.

The orphaned joey was transported in our Wildlife Ambulance for a medical check, and is now with his long-term carer, where he'll remain until he's old enough to be released into suitable habitat.

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