Lucky rescue for trapped Wood Duck

Lucky rescue for trapped Wood Duck

Friday, August 4, 2023

Last month a concerned householder was woken at 4am by a strange scratching noise coming from his chimney. Realizing the noise had been occurring on and off for several days, he called WIRES (luckily our phone lines are open 24 hours) and a few hours later we dispatched our Emergency Responder, Kyana.

On arrival, Kyana was taken upstairs to a room with an old metal chimney. She carefully removed the small door and found a juvenile Wood Duck at the bottom of the chimney. He seemed alert, but was very dehydrated, and may have encountered injuries on his fall from the top of the chimney.

Kyana gently removed the duck, provided him with immediate hydration and transported him in our Wildlife Ambulance for an urgent vet assessment. When given the all-clear he’ll be transferred to a WIRES carer for rest and rehabilitation.

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