Lorikeet emergency unfolds

Lorikeet emergency unfolds

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

An alarming outbreak of Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome is escalating on the northeast coast and thousands of affected native birds are needing our urgent assistance.

Our carers are providing triage, immediate care and rehabilitation to hundreds of affected birds, with many working round the clock to keep up with demand. 

We've dispatched four Emergency Responders with Wildlife Ambulances to assist with rescues and transportation and are setting up Triage points in affected areas. Local vets are also overwhelmed, and we’re providing treatment and assessment advice and transportation. Our Disaster Relief has been activated for carers across the region.

This debilitating syndrome affects a lorikeet's ability to fly and swallow - leading to death if not treated swiftly. Rehabilitation is possible, but can take many weeks. Whilst research is ongoing, it is believed to be caused by toxins, possibly through lorikeets needing to find a new food source after heavy rains and extreme heat.

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