Boobook owl chicks reunited

Boobook owl chicks reunited

Saturday, January 28, 2023

The owl chicks at the point of being reunited thanks to Veronica Silver.

Last month, an avocado farmer in Northern NSW discovered a young Boobook owl chick at the base of a tall eucalypt tree. Luckily, his wife Veronica is a WIRES carer and she quickly transported the chick to her local WIRES Raptor expert for specialist care.

The farmers then set about finding the chick’s family. Using a cherry picker, they searched the trees where the chick was found, and discovered another Boobook owl chick in a tree hollow. They waited for stormy weather to pass and then using the cherry picker, gently placed the rescued chick back into the nest hollow, alongside its sibling.

Veronica said both chicks were calling and responding to each other when the cherry picker was on its way up, and were quickly reunited. She’s been monitoring the area closely and a few weeks ago noticed both chicks nestled together in a leafy tree.

Thank you Veronica Silver - for your photos and for this wonderful outcome!

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