A family reunited

A family reunited

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Ferocious summer storms have caused much misery for native animals on the east coast. This little Tawny Frogmouth chick was a victim of high winds in Sydney. He was blown out of his nest and handed in to Bronte lifeguards by a beachgoer, and the lifeguards called WIRES for help. Over three days our rescue volunteer Stephanie returned to the area to try and find his missing parents.

Finally on the fourth morning she heard a low drumming sound which led her to a nest, high up in the nook of a gum tree. She was very surprised to see another baby poke its head out whilst she was scanning the tree! 

Luckily, local arborist George from Botanics Tree Wise People was willing to give up his Sunday afternoon to help with the rescue.

They gently returned the chick to his father (pictured here) whilst his mother watched carefully from a nearby branch. The entire family are now reunited.

A family reunited

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