What a Wonga!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WIRES on the Mid North Coast was called to collect this beautiful native Wonga Pigeon from a bush property close to Woolgoolga. 

The property owners were extremely upset as they had very recently adopted a rescue dog and she brought into the house the Wonga Pigeon.

They think it had flown into a window and their new pet had retrieved it. They have seen a pair of Wongas around the property for many years, and were most distressed.

The good thing is that they rang WIRES as soon as the dog brought in the bird, so we were able to rescue it within the hour and have it examined by a vet, and into care very quickly.

The Wonga has lost a lot of feathers, especially all the tail, and has a wound on its right wing, with feather loss, but no broken bones.

We rehydrated the Wonga, bathed the wound with mild antiseptic, then left it in a small intensive care facility with food and water, to be checked, medicated and its wounds bathed, regularly.

When the people asked about the prognosis, we were realistic, and told them that the shock might be too much for the bird.

The good news is that it is still doing well after a week in care and has started to eat independently. The wound is healing well and she will soon be able to go to into the exercise facility. She will stay there until the tail feathers begin to grow out.

The Wonga Pigeon, also sometimes called the Wonga Wonga, is a large, ground-dwelling native pigeon found mainly in dense coastal forest.

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