Wedge-tailed Fledgling

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thanks to the sharp eyes of a tour bus operator, this fledgling Wedge-tailed Eagle was spotted on the ground near Ulong, in the hills west of Coffs Harbour.

It was taken to a WIRES carer who specialises in birds of prey. Weighing 2.7kg, it was very thin.

As Wedge-tail parents usually have 2 chicks, this is thought to be the smaller of the 2 and perhaps kicked out of the nest by the dominant chick.

It is being fed twice daily and is gaining strength. By the length of the longest wing feather, and a complicated formula, its age was calculated to be around 66 days when rescued.

Only time will tell if it survives, despite the best food and care. At present it is in Intensive Care, but will be moved to an exercise facility as it becomes stronger.

Update, the Wedgie is now in the hospital facility, eating cut up pieces of meat, perching for the daylight hours, but not yet pulling its food. It is grooming, flapping, and growing.

Wedge-tailed Fledgling

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