Too much of a good thing

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too much of a good thing

Our rescue ambulance was called out to a home in Elanora Heights where a hungry 2.5 metre python had found his way into a hen house.

As the chickens fluttered up to the top of the hen house they left behind their duck 'housemate' and the diamond python had him for dinner.

After such a large meal he was unable to fit back out the way he had come in, so he coiled up inside a pallet on the floor of the hen house.

The lady who owned the hens (and previously the duck) was happy to share her property with the beautiful python despite the loss of her duck but wanted WIRES to remove him from the hen house.

The pallet was duly removed from the hen house and left so that the python could make his own way out after fully digesting his meal.

It is always a good day when we come across people who are happy to share habitat with our unique wildlife. We would like to thank the lady at Eleanora - and we are sure the python thanks her for the meal.

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