Skyhooks - Flying fox

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Skyhooks - Flying fox

I am a WIRES Inner West Branch member and am employed as an Environmental Officer for Energy Australia. As such, I've been working with WIRES and Energy Australia to assist in the rescue of wildlife associated with Energy Australia's infrastructure.

Of particular note is the work we've been doing regarding the rescue of flying fox pups whose mother's have been electrocuted on overhead powerlines. A number of pups have come into care this season so far, and I anticipate a few more before the season is over.

One of the first Grey-headed flying fox pups to come in this season was 'SkyHooks', a young male rescued off overhead powerlines in the Putney area after his mother was sadly electrocuted.

Skyhooks - Flying fox

Energy Australia's Emergency Services and Field Services - Overhead, and some experienced WIRES bat carers helped to coordinate the rescue effort.

The flying fox pup was rescued with the use of an elevated work platform (EWP) by Energy Australia's Field Services - Overhead within a few hours of the incident.

The pup was a male, in good health, and was named 'SkyHooks'.

The pup was cared for by an experienced carer and remained in care until fit to go to the bat aviary. In the bat aviary he will build up strength for flying and when strong will be released back in the Putney area.

Story with thanks to Diane Charteris

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