Round Peg in a Square hole!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Round Peg in a Square hole!

When Judy spotted this beautiful Green Tree snake on her property she thought it was just passing through.

Unconcerned, she went away for the weekend and was horrified on her return to find the snake trapped in a square hole on the side of the Barbeque.

WIRES was called and snake handler Melanie went to the rescue. The snake was well and truly stuck, it was literally the old saying of a round peg stuck in a square hole.

Snakes cannot voluntarily go backwards and must never be pulled this way as it can cause serious damage to both their scales and skin.

This snake was able to be released from its predicament by first smearing a small amount of Vaseline on its body then very carefully and gently, while making sure its scales were flat, working it back through the hole.

The snake is now in care ensuring it is healthy and sustained no injury before being released back to Judy's property where it can resume its normal activity and hopefully never return near the Barbeque.

Please call WIRES for assistance should you find a snake in trouble like this, it is a delicate rescue that should only be done by a trained person.

Thank you Judy for being vigilant and calling WIRES.

Story thanks to Melanie Barsony and image by Judy

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