Red Belly Knocking

Thursday, December 8, 2011

This is the story of a very unusual rescue of a red bellied black snake by one of our WIRES reptile rescuers Jacqui.

"Last week I had a call to do what sounded like it was going to be a very tricky rescue of a snake that was caught in a screen door at a house in Orangeville.

When I got to the house the owner of the house, was very scared as she had walked through the door where the snake was without realising it was there.

It was only as she was going back out through the door that she had seen it...

The snake, a red bellied black snake, had managed to weaved itself in and out of the wire metal of the screen and worked itself right to the top of the door. Before attempting to get the snake down I grabbed the owners camera and took a couple of photos, as it was a bit unusual. The snake wasn't actually caught in the screen so I was able to get it to work ít's way back down to the ground so I could grab it and put it safely in a bag.

By the time I had coaxed it down it was pretty worked up and was striking out at everything, even the lady's door mat which it bit several times!

As there was nothing wrong with the snake apart from being upset at being removed from the doorway, I drove it a little way down the road from the owner's property and released it, back into the bush.

Red Belly Knocking

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