Postie rescues young echidna

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This young echidna came into care with WIRES Northern Rivers after being washed out of his burrow from recent heavy rains.

He was found by the local Postie who took on an extra duty of care to deliver him to Lismore Vet Clinic for a check up.

When he came to WIRES he was in a very weakened condition, needing rest and a good feed.

Young enough to still be dependant on his mothers milk he has had to be hand fed with special echidna milk formula. This is a slow process that takes about an hour per feed as Echidna puggles slurp their milk very slowly and often nod off to sleep.

A temporary burrow has been set up for him to sleep in. A big thanks to the Woodburn Postie.

Postie rescues young echidna

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