Peregrine Falcon Airport Rescue

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Peregrine Falcon fledgling came crashing down at Sydney airport earlier this week and was rescued by WIRES.

The young bird is the offspring from a known roosting site for Peregrine Falcons on a Qantas hanger at the airport and WIRES is often called around this time of year when the fledglings get themselves into some sort of trouble resulting in injury.

It is believed he crash landed heavily while learning to fly. He also appears to be underweight. He is currently in care in a flight aviary getting in some flying practise and building up strength before he is able to be released.

Peregrine Falcon's are found across Australia, but are not common.

They need abundant prey and secure nest sites, preferring coastal and inland cliffs or open woodlands near water but are also found nesting on high city buildings, or in this case a hangar at the airport. Nursing a raptor back to health takes time and money and WIRES is not funded by government.

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Peregrine Falcon Airport Rescue

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