Owl Siblings in care

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Owl Siblings in care

In late June, a fledgling Barn owl was rescued after it was found on the ground at Wollongbar, in the north of the NSW. It had been attacked by birds and suffered a nasty wound to its head. The following day its slightly older sibling was found in the same spot on the ground suffering from a concussion. 

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After examination and routine tests for internal parasites it was found that both young owls were suffering from an infection which if left untreated, would most certainly have debilitated both birds significantly in the long term, and is also the most likely the reason both birds had ended up on the ground in the first place.

Treatment for the infection is now almost complete and both owls have recovered from the injuries sustained when they fell from the nest hollow.

They are almost ready to be returned to their parents, who are waiting patiently at the nest hollow. Once back with their parents they will resume their normal life, learning everything they need to become independent Barn owls. 

It is a difficult time for young birds when they leave the safety of their nest, or nest hollow as is the case with owls and have to venture into the big wide world. It is even more difficult if they suffer from an infection as was the case with these two beautiful birds.

It was a very caring local man, Maurice who kept an eye on the hollow and took immediate action when he realised the fledglings were in trouble.

Image and story thanks to WIRES Northern Rivers

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