Nightjar chick rescued in caravan park

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This adorable little chick, weighing just 22 grams, was found in a busy holiday Caravan Park just after Christmas?

Although we very rarely see White-throated Nightjars in the wild, they are not endangered, or rare, just cryptic and clever at not being seen.

At night, especially dawn and dusk, they hunt on the wing for insects, which they catch in their wide mouth.

They spend the day on the ground, nestled into the leaf litter where their beautifully marked plumage makes them almost invisible.

The single chick develops quickly, and moves around on the forest floor (or Caravan Park!) during the night. Their down camouflages them during the day in the leaf litter, although not well enough from busy active playing children.

In the photo, the eyes look strange. This is purely the reflection of light on the retina. It can see extremely well.

The chick was recently released at the Caravan Park after the busy holiday season had passed.

Nightjar chick rescued in caravan park

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