Man resuscitates wallaby

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Man resuscitates wallaby

Mick from Frankston, Victoria was in Byron Bay for a leisurely holiday when he spotted a group of dogs chasing a small animal on the opposite bank. The poor creature jumped into the creek and swam for its life. Mick leapt into action, running down to the creek to help out with the escape. The young wallaby floundered and sank before reaching safety.

Without hesitation, Mick jumped into the creek and pulled the wallaby to the beach where it lay limp and apparently drowned. Mick had completed a CPR course required for his work. He decided to give it a try on the young wallaby. After 10 minutes of effort, the wallaby's paws started to move. Mick says it was the greatest feeling when he saw those paws move.

He dried the wallaby thoroughly and then wrapped him in a makeshift pouch and kept him close to his body for warmth. Lynne from WIRES Northern Rivers picked him up and little Lucky, a 1600 gram swamp wallaby joey, is now in care with and recovering nicely.

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