Make a Pledge For Our Fauna

Thursday, February 25, 2021

In collaboration with Vets For Climate Action we are taking time to remember the 3 billion native animals affected by the extreme weather events of the 2019/20 drought and bushfire season. This is part of the For our Fauna campaign running throughout March.

Climate change is having a lasting impact on the Australian ecosystem. Increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, raised annual temperatures and extended drought periods lead to habitat reduction, ecosystem disruption and increased pressure on our native animals.

We are asking our supporters to raise their voices and commit to supporting our wildlife. Join us in raising awareness by sharing your pledge to make a difference #ForOurFauna.

Come up with your own or Pledges:

  • Check pouches of wildlife involved in collision accidents
  • Undertake wildlife rescue training and become a WIRES volunteer
  • Save WIRES or a local wildlife orgs number to your phone
  • Leave out water for wildlife on hot days
  • Make my garden wildlife friendly
  • Change my fences and backyard netting to be wildlife friendly
  • Organise a workplace fundraising event

Download our sharable templates for Facebook or for Instagram and Facebook stories below, add your pledge and hashtag #ForOurFauna and #WIRESWildlifeRescue to show your commitment to caring for the future of our wildlife.

Facebook post pledge templates

Story pledge templates

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