Kookaburra survives against all odds

Monday, March 24, 2014

Recently a motorist was travelling from Woodenbong to Ballina and thought she’d narrowly missed hitting a Kookaburra at Old Grevillia. When she arrived at her destination, 1.5 hours and 100km later, the driver was horrified to find the bird spread across the grille of her truck.

The Kookaburra had survived the journey and was rushed to Ballina Veterinary Hospital. Amazingly, it was given the all-clear by the vet. After a few days spent recovering in the care of WIRES, the Kookaburra successfully passed its test flights. It was returned to its home territory in Old Grevillia where it flew away strongly from its carry cage.

Laughing Kookaburras mate for life. They may stay in family groups with older offspring as well as both parents sharing in the care of the young. This lucky bird has probably rejoined its family.

Drivers who think they may have hit something should check the front of the vehicle as well as the ground! You never know what may be travelling with you.

During 2013, WIRES volunteer carers assisted more than 30,000 native birds in need. To find out more about getting involved with WIRES and how to become a carer, go to www.wires.org.au

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