Koala seeks refuge in back seat

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This Koala was called into the WIRES hotline after a member of the public, Peter, came out to see what all the noise was about. He had heard two male koalas having a bit of a fight, up a nearby eucalypt but upon investigating further, he came upon another....

To Peter's surprise, he discovered a female koala sitting in the back of his car trying to escape the duelling males outside. Peter had left the car door open, as he was cleaning it out. He did not expect to find a koala on his return. After an unsuccessful attempt at persuading her to leave, Peter quickly learnt she was not to be tangled with. She let him know she was not going anywhere, by giving Peter 2 full swipes, with claws extended. Not so good for Peter whose face just happened to be the closest to Mrs Koala. Time to ring WIRES to help get this big girl out of the car.

We soon realised she was so feisty because she was carrying a tiny pink joey in her pouch. She was successfully assisted out of the car, fully checked and released into the bushland.

Story and image thanks to Sharon McGrigor

Koala seeks refuge in back seat

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