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Kindness for Eastern Grey Joey

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Joey image by Melanie BarsonyWIRES would like to thank Robert and his daughter for staying with this little female Eastern Grey kangaroo and her mum after they were involved in a car accident at Casino.

The joey was thrown out of her mum’s pouch on impact and Robert's daughter gently wrapped it in a blanket until help arrived.

For members of the public to stay with an injured animal until WIRES can get to the site is of great help. Trying to locate an injured animal can be extremely difficult as often the animal will try to hide, suffering for an extended time while severely injured.

In this case the kangaroo had managed to struggle into a paddock which would have made her extremely difficult to locate had Robert not stayed with her.

A young joey such as this needs urgent attention especially if it is thrown out of the pouch, as it will become cold in a very short time. Robert’s daughter made sure this would not be the case for this little one and her actions saved the joey’s life. This little joey is now in care with a trained WIRES macropod carer. The joey is not yet old enough to keep her own body temperature so she is in a humidicrib and is being fed 4 hourly around the clock.

She will stay in care with our Northern Rivers branch for the next 12 months and will then be released back to the wild. WIRES takes in many orphans like this one in Spring and the cost of caring for such a young animal for some time is considerable. Please consider donating to our Spring Appeal to help us help wildlife.


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