Homeless but unharmed

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Homeless but unharmed

Before felling an old tree on their property Bekki and her family checked to ensure nothing was calling the tree home.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts after the tree came down two juvenile gliders were found. Shortly afterward Dylan saw an adult glider looking distressed and after carefully catching it saw it had an empty pouch.

WIRES was called and the three gliders were taken into care.

It was soon established all were uninjured and it did not take long for the mother to claim her joeys.

They were all kept in care for a few days and closely observed to ensure they were uninjured. The mother feathertail was able to feed her joeys whilst a suitable box was made in order to return the gliders to their home territory.

WIRES carer Leoni went back out to the property and erected the glider box high in a tree close to where the first tree had been felled, in the hope that the rest of the colony living in the original tree would make use of this glider box until they could establish a new home.

The image shows the three gliders in care in their artificial nest whilst a suitable box was made for their return to the wild.

Thank you Bekki & Dylan for calling WIRES so promptly, not only did you save these gliders, you also enabled WIRES to give the rest of the colony a place to call home.

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