Hayla is much more than man’s best friend!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

However, Hayla has managed to take her care responsibilities to a whole new level this week, arriving home at 6 am after her boundary check with a tiny female possum Joey snuggled into the fur on her back.

Hayla is much more than man’s best friend!

“Hayla has always had an incredible work ethic and she’s dedicated to protecting our animals, particularly the young, sick, and vulnerable but when she arrived home carrying this tiny possum on her back we were just amazed,” said Lindsay.

“We really shouldn’t be surprised by anything she does in her role as farm guardian which includes checking on the nesting turkeys where she welcomes the newborn chicks - she even alerts us to any birds that are trapped or in distress.”

“She also attaches to our pregnant cows and guards their newborn calves and will sit all day with an orphaned calf that’s being fed in the yards – she’s a true carer.”

The tiny (88g) rescued joey is now in care with a WIRES* volunteer and will be buddied up with another ringtail youngster currently being rehabilitated. According to the WIRES spokesperson they will be released together when they are about 8 months old.

In recognition of the wonderful life-saving work done by her canine rescuer, the tiny joey has been nicknamed Hayla.

Thank you Hayla from all the WIRES volunteers – you’re one in a million!

*If you find an injured, orphaned, or displaced native animal please call the WIRES Rescue line ASAP at 1300 094 737.

WIRES relies almost entirely on donations to continue its work rescuing, caring for, and releasing native Australian wildlife and tax-deductible donations (over $2) can be made at wires.org.au or on (02) 8977 3396.

Hayla is much more than man’s best friend!

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