Golden Brushtail Update

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You might remember the unusual rescue of a golden brushtail possum a few months ago. Lynda, one of our wildlife volunteers was called to an unusual rescue of a frightened juvenile Golden brushtail possum.

It was found in deep undergrowth with no mother in sight. The orphaned joey had climbed up a tree and a very enthusiastic member of the public reported him to WIRES.

Lynda says, “When we found him he was just 380 grams, dehydrated and very nervous. It is wonderful that Ingrid climbed up the tree to get him; he’s a very lucky little possum. He had been away from mum for 24 to 48 hours and needed urgent care. He had a tear in his left ear and a bite mark on the underside of his tail indicating another animal had attacked him.”

Lynda buddied the young golden brushtail up with a small grey brushtail possum called in care after his mother had been killed by a car. “Possum joeys tend to do better in care when they have a buddy of the same species to put them at ease. Both joeys having lost their mums are seeking reassurance in each other and it’s working a treat,” Lynda said.

Golden Brushtail Update

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