Freshwater Crocodile rescue

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This young Freshwater Crocodile was found on playing fields in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Less than 40cm long, it was accidentally struck by a hedge cutter and thrown into the air. The little croc landed thankfully unharmed.

Despite its size, it was unbelievably strong and it took 3 men 15 minutes to contain the animal safely. It was taken into a local vet where WIRES was called to take it into care. Freshwater crocodiles can grow up to 3 metres in length and are amazingly powerful reptiles.

WIRES Reptile experts believe this young crocodile could be an escaped illegal pet or it could have hitched a ride on a vehicle coming from Queensland. It would have been very frightened and any aggression would have been self preservation. Being so low to the ground means reptiles find humans very intimidating, we are seen as predatory and so they feel the need to protect themselves.

The crocodile will be in care for now and then will most likely be taken to Queensland and rehomed safely in a wildlife park.

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