Flood impact in southern NSW

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The recent flooding around NSW has had an impact on wildlife with a number of flood affected animals coming into care at our Riverina Branch.

Orphaned Eastern grey joey - this young eastern grey joey (about 9 months old) was seen falling out of her mothers pouch as as she was swamped by the flood waters at Ardlethan in the Riverina.

The joey was seen floundering in the floodwater but luckily she was washed to the shore, where she was picked up and WIRES called.

She was very stressed but is now doing very well and buddied up with two similar sized orphaned joeys.

Wallaby - WIRES was also able to help rescue and relocate a wallaby that was shown on the national news, swimming in the CBD of Wagga during the height of the flooding.

Squirrel Glider - A young squirrel glider that was blown into a barbed wire fence during the storms that created the flooding, was able to be successfully cut out of the wire without too much damage and is doing well in care and should be able to be released in the next couple of weeks.

Birds - Many disoriented and water logged birds have also been rescued over the last few weeks.

WIRES work is ongoing and we are asking for your help, the numbers of animals needing our help is growing.

Flood impact in southern NSW

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