Echidna puggle

Thursday, October 25, 2012

This tiny Echidna puggle weighed only 290 grams when he came into care after being accidentally dug up by an excavator.

Fortunately he was found the following day by Rob, the land owner.

The puggle's feet were sore and swollen after being exposed to the hot morning sun. Some TLC and soothing water resolved the swelling by the following morning but his temperature was still very high.

After 12 hours he was stabilized and special housing was set up to replicate the temperature of an Echidna burrow.

Feeding a puggle of this size is always a difficult task and re-hydration is important. This little one has now started lapping his specialized milk formula and is in care with another puggle of similar age.

Immediate initial care is extremely important especially for these young puggles as they must be kept cool. Transporting puggles must be undertaken during the early morning or evening when temperatures have dropped as exposure to prolonged temperatures over 33 degrees celsius can be fatal.

Story thanks Sharon McGrigor and image credit to Jo Sultana

Echidna puggle

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