Dogs and wildlife do not mix

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This little Pademelon joey lost her mum due to a domestic dog chasing mum through the bush and although mum was not caught by the dog she dropped her little joey in the chase.

Luckily the dog's owner saw the joey drop and realising the damage caused by his pet, gently picked it up and called WIRES.

Reuniting a joey and it's mother in situations like these is impossible as we would have to leave the joey alone to allow her mother to come back.

The mother would most likely not return for extended time due to stress and fear, myopathy is also a high probability and as you can see in the picture the joey is too small to be left alone in the bush.

The little female Pademelon joey is now in a humidicrib still not able to regulate her own body temperature, she is being fed 4 hourly around the clock on special wallaby formula and will spend the next 6 months in care before being release back to the wild with others of her kind in care. This round the clock care involves dedication and funds, please consider donating to WIRES.

Dogs and wildlife do not mix

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