Chimney Chicks

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chimney Chicks

WIRES volunteers, Kay and Dallas were called to rescue five Crimson Rosella chicks in a fireplace! They were actually on the floor of the fireplace (which had been boarded up until the owners had decided to investigate the strange noises they had been hearing!)

There was concern that the babies had been abandoned, so we first relocated them into a deep flowerpot suspended in a tree adjacent to the house, hoping their calls would bring the parents. Sadly this did not happen, so we brought them into care.

Care for these young parrots meant replicating a parrot parent’s feeding of their young by regurgitation!

Chimney Chicks

hey were with Kay and Dallas for a little over a month, when they were transferred to a large aviary to hone their flying skills and build muscle strength. They have now been released, but still return to the aviary at night for an assured feed and security - gradually they will become totally independent.

Kay says "we were blown away by the speed of their development - skinny little bundles being syringe fed six times a day, transformed after only five weeks into seed eating juveniles ready for release"

 Lined up in their aviary just before they were released.

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