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Carpet Python hitches a ride

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Carpet Python image copyright WIRESWIRES was called out to Rosehill to the commercial premises of CHEP, the pallet and container supplier after a driver unloading after a trip from Queensland found an unusual passenger.

Entwined around one of the pallets was a large carpet python. The thoughtful employee's at the site carefully place a container over the python to keep it contained until our rescue ambulance could arrive to retrieve the stranded reptile.

Unfortunately in this instance although the snake is in good health it is not native to Sydney and the driver has no idea where it boarded the pallet and the truck. Since the floods in Queensland many reptiles have been displaced and this may be what has happened here. This means it cannot be returned to the wild and will be surrendered to NPWS who will find a permanent home for the python.



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