Bearded Dragon Hatching

Monday, June 4, 2012

A heavily pregnant (gravid) female Bearded Dragon was rescued by WIRES after being attacked by a cat.

She was in care with reptile carer, Gary and on a course of antibiotics trying to recover from her injuries when she laid 26 fertile eggs.

The Bearded Dragon eggs and some extra from an Eastern Water Dragon were all taken in by reptile carer, Justin to incubate. After 78 days they started to hatch and two days later Justin had his hands full with 26 lively juvenile dragons. Justin was able to take some beautiful images of the young bearded dragons hatching from their eggs.

After a week of observation they were released and immediately began running around gobbling up ants from the ground.

Another image of the young lizards hatching will feature in WIRES 2013 calendar due for release in September.

Bearded Dragon Hatching

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