Quick thinking driver saves Wallaroo joey

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It’s a scenario that every country driver will encounter at some stage – a native animal emerging from the bush at high speed directly in front of their car.

This unfortunate situation happened to a driver near Crooked Corner last September resulting in the instant death of a female wallaroo. Despite being shaken, the driver thought to check the pouch and discovered an unharmed joey which was immediately bundled up and taken to local WIRES carer, Kay Muddiman.

According to Muddiman, the tiny joey’s chance of survival was significantly improved thanks to the driver’s quick thinking.

“Kangaroo, wallaby and wallaroo joeys can live for hours and sometimes days following the death of their mothers and are often in need of urgent care by the time they are reported and rescued.”

Muddiman named the joey Xavier and has been nursing him for the past five months during which time he has gained more than five kilos in weight.

“In the beginning I carried him around outside in a makeshift pouch to ensure his daily dose of sunshine and get him used to the various sounds and smells of the bush.”

Xavier is happily thriving and well into the release process, spending several hours a day adapting to life in the bush. He can visit his enclosure when he chooses but is essentially free to come and go at will.

“When Xavier is ready to return to the wild, he will simply stop coming back to his enclosure,” said Muddiman. “It is incredibly rewarding to know that another of our unique native animals has been successfully rehabilitated and returned to its natural environment.”

Anyone wanting to become a WIRES rescuer or carer, or simply learn more about our wonderful native animals can attend a workshop being conducted by WIRES Southern Tablelands Branch on Sunday 29 March 2015 in Goulburn. This accredited course costs $175 and bookings can be made by visiting training courses.

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