WIRES is ready to rescue on New Year’s Day

WIRES is ready to rescue on New Year’s Day

Thursday, December 31, 2015

WIRES is ready to rescue on New Year’s Day

New Year’s Eve is always a fun and fabulous night with many fantastic fireworks displays across Sydney and regional NSW. Most councils give plenty of prior warnings and advice to the public regarding their pets (that clearly aren’t as keen as their owners about watching the spectacular display) however native animals can also take fright on the big night. So WIRES CEO Leanne Taylor is asking people to be extra mindful of our native animals and the possible effects of NYE celebrations.

“We are simply asking the NSW public to please keep an eye out for animals either in distress or displaced in the days immediately after NYE as the loud noises and bright lights can frighten and confuse them, causing them to behave erratically," said Taylor.

"This can result in birds fleeing their nests and leaving their chicks behind or animals such as possums or kangaroos rushing onto busy highways or even people’s gardens through being disoriented and confused.”

According to Taylor, as native animals are generally more active at this time of year, the fallout from NYE celebrations often means more rescue calls than normal during the days immediately following and WIRES will be taking rescue calls right throughout the holiday period. If anyone finds an animal in need, they can call the WIRES rescue line on 1300 094 737 or download their rescue app onto their mobile.

“On behalf of WIRES we wish everyone a terrific NYE, a safe and happy 2016 and we also extend a huge thank-you to our many wonderful volunteers and supporters who have helped save thousands of our precious native animals during 2015 ,” said Taylor.

To make a donation to WIRES please visit www.wires.org.au

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