WIRES caring for sugar glider after being saved by the fire brigade

Friday, October 18, 2013

The NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue & Education Service Inc. (WIRES) has taken a 105g female sugar glider into care today after it was rescued by the Silverdale Fire Brigade at Cordeaux dam in Wollongong. Unable to stop as they were on duty and had to get back to Silverdale. WIRES member Val Chew met them there to pick the little one up.

Val said “ I took the animal to South Penrith vet. She has a singed face and feet and the vet noted she has smoke inhalation. It will be touch and go tonight but if she makes it through to her second vet check tomorrow I’ll be so relieved and grateful.”

WIRES is receiving calls for native wildlife being injured, burnt and exhausted after yesterday’s bushfires across Sydney and rural NSW.

Leanne Taylor WIRES General Manager said “Native animals are under immense stress and pressure during these times. They can become disorientated, injured, dehydrated or be unable to travel far enough to find respite from the burning activity. It is important to remember to leave bowls of water out as much as possible for animals in need and not to attempt to give them any food. Keep a box and towel handy so that you can contain an animal in need of treatment and care.”

"WIRES facilitates training for members of the NSW Rural Fire Service to help them to rescue native animals. However ,at times like these, they need as much help as possible from our 2000+ WIRES rescuers, carers and our network of affiliated WIRES veterinarians.”

WIRES is a registered charity and relies upon public donations to continue its work. We are calling on the public to give generously in these times to help us help our native animals in need.

Donations to our Bushfire appeal can be made online at www.wires.org.au or by phoning (02) 8977 3396

"WIRES is here to rescue and care for native wildlife. If you have a native animal in distress then we're the people to call:13000 WIRES (1300 094 737)

If you find an animal affected by fire get it to your nearest vet or call WIRES

Media Contact: WIRES (02) 8977 3327

Media Email: [email protected]

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