Thousands in shock to realise the Koala is clinging for hope

Monday, October 7, 2013

The annual Entijuanarte Festival, Tijuana Mexico has a new attraction this year; an art installation featuring Australia’s cuddly koala. While tens of thousands are gathering to enjoy the giant koala bear, they are shocked to realise there are threats to the future of the species.

California based artist Jerome Sli says “I embarked on this project after seeing a WIRES image of a koala lost and confused in an environment that had clearly been desolated by logging. Habitat loss is a major threats to many species around the world.”

“No matter how you look at this image, it is clear there is something wrong. I contacted WIRES immediately to see how we might work together to show case this issue at the 2013 Festival Entijuanarte.”

Over 100,000 people have visited the 9th festival Entijuanarte which is hosted annually on the border of Mexico and California at the famous Cecut building. The koala clings to a biblical like statue with a backdrop of the image that inspired the artist.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to raise awareness about the plight of our cuddly creature. There isn’t a soul around the world who doesn’t adore our koala,” says WIRES Spokesperson.

“The response to this project is overwhelming and is above and beyond our expectations. The people have Mexico have great affection for the koala and are devastated to hear its vulnerable to extinction in some parts of Australia.

“Many people have asked, “How did your government let this happen?”, and this is a very fair question.

“Australia is perceived as an environmentally conscientious nation. We are screening a short documentary made by film maker Jimmy Malecki is being at the festival which speaks about the vast loss of biodiversity in Australia. This news is equally as shocking for people to learn,” says WIRES.

“This project will be taken to other parts of the world and I will be working on similar projects around threats to other iconic species on our planet,” says Jerome Sli.

“I hope this will help the people of Australia to encourage strong action by the government towards saving this and other species.

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