Knit a pouch and keep a joey warm

Friday, May 2, 2014

Knitting enthusiasts can help make a very big difference to the life of an orphaned joey by knitting a pouch to keep it warm and comforted through the winter months.

The Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Services (WIRES) organisation takes in thousands of orphaned, sick and displaced joeys during the spring and summer months. These require long-term care before they have gained enough independence to be released back to the wild.

Kangaroo, glider, wombat and other joeys spend a significant part of their early development in their mothers pouch. Those in care will utilise pouches knitted from natural fibres to gain comfort and warmth.

“Many people who would like to help our wildlife but are unable to commit to animal rescue or care, can help by making pouches or linings. Knitting a pouch or constructing a lining is quite simple and they are easy to post,” says Justin McKee, WIRES.

Some are required for the tiny furless joeys and some for the larger joeys. This means that are two different size pouches that are useful for WIRES wildlife carers.

Anyone in NSW wanting to send in knitted pouches can post them to PO Box 7276, Warringah Mall, NSW, 2100.

“It’s not just us that need to stay warm as the winter months approach. We thank everyone who contributes to WIRES in whatever way they can. Without the support of the community, over 65,000 animals annually in NSW would go without appropriate care,” says Justin McKee.

To make a donation to WIRES go to

Access a printable factsheet with pouch dimensions and instructions here.

Standard Pouches – 2 sizes

Wool: 8 ply pure wool (we are unable to use pouches made from synthetic materials as the joeys cannot breathe in closed synthetic pouches)

Knitting: Pouches should be knitted in plain stitch both sides

Needles: Size 8 needles

Dimensions: 18cm wide by 20cm long when finished (after sewing together), or 24cm wide by 30cm long when finished (after sewing together)

Closed on the two longer sides and one end, and left open at the top.


Material: Pure cotton or flannelette, washable material only

Dimensions: 18cm wide by 20cm long when finished (after sewing together), or 24cm wide by 30cm long when finished (after sewing together)

The lining should be closed on three sides and open at the top.

Please note that the lining should not be attached to the pouch as it will need to be changed regularly. WIRES requires more linings than pouches to allow washing and regular changes.

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