Safeguarding Australia's Cherished Wombats: A Compassionate Collaboration

Safeguarding Australia's Cherished Wombats: A Compassionate Collaboration

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Australia's wombats, those beloved marsupials known for their remarkable burrowing abilities and critical ecological role, are currently facing a pressing threat - sarcoptic mange. This parasitic ailment, caused by tiny mites burrowing into the skin, has reached alarming proportions, affecting up to 90% of wombat populations. WIRES has partnered with Bravecto to combat wombat mange in Australia, and we have estimated that over 1,000 wombats have been treated so far. Excitingly, for October, a collaboration with Pet Circle will provide further support to help tackle this difficult challenge.

The Fight Against Sarcoptic Mange

Sarcoptic mange is not a novel adversary; historical records of this parasitic disease date back over a century. It's a global issue that affects 150 species of wild mammals, including humans, who may contract a similar condition known as scabies. However, our focus today remains steadfastly on these endearing wombats and the unwavering efforts to free them from the clutches of mange.

Safeguarding Australia's Cherished Wombats: A Compassionate Collaboration

Bravecto Spot-On for Dogs: A Ray of Hope

Bravecto Spot-On for Dogs, a trusted name in the realm of flea and paralysis tick treatments, has received a permit from the Australian Pesticides Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) to employ their product for the control of sarcoptic mange in wombats. This groundbreaking treatment, powered by the active ingredient Fluralaner, has demonstrated remarkable success in healing skin lesions in wombats afflicted by mange, often within a mere 1-3 treatments.

A Collaboration

What adds depth to this collaboration is the collective dedication of WIRES, Bravecto and Pet Circle to protect wombats. As we approach International Wombat Day on October 22nd, WIRES, Bravecto, and Pet Circle have come together to improve the welfare of wombats.

During October, $1 from every Bravecto purchase made through Pet Circle will be donated to WIRES to help treat wombats from sarcoptic mange. 

The donations will further support the treatment program for wombat mange.

The Impact of Sarcoptic Mange

Kristie Newton, Programs Manager at WIRES, illuminates the devastating repercussions of sarcoptic mange on wombats. She points out that there has been nearly a threefold increase in wombat rescues over the past seven years, with almost 40% of these calls related to wombats grappling with mange. The disease is poised to continue its relentless spread, considering mounting stressors such as climate change and habitat loss.

A Veterinarian's Perspective

Dr. Teagan Lever, Head Veterinarian at Pet Circle, provides invaluable insights based on her professional experience. “Mange in wombats is a painful, debilitating, and fatal health condition. In my work, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects of mange on my patients. I also adopted a puppy with severe mange as a vet student, and she was successfully treated and went on to live a happy, healthy and full life of 12 years as our family pet. When she came into my care, treatments like Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs were not available in Australia. Instead, her treatment involved daily injections for many months. Knowing now that as little as a single dose of Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs can effectively treat and control mange is amazing.” 

“When we learned about the great work that Bravecto and WIRES were doing to help combat mange in wombats, we saw an opportunity to help animals in need that we couldn't pass up. Being a better pet parent doesn't just mean doing the best for your pet but also doing what is best for the environment, including our native wildlife. Improving animal welfare, whether it is for pets or native animals, is deeply aligned with our mission and values,” Teagan adds.

Safeguarding Australia's Cherished Wombats: A Compassionate Collaboration

The battle to safeguard Australia's wombats from sarcoptic mange is an endeavour that unites companies, organisations, and individuals with deep compassion for the welfare of these exceptional marsupials. The collaboration between WIRES, Bravecto and Pet Circle showcases the power of cooperation in addressing environmental challenges.

Purchasing Bravecto through Pet Circle during October protects your cherished pets and contributes significantly to preserving Australia's native wildlife.

Act today to contribute to WIRES' efforts in safeguarding wombats from sarcoptic mange. 

Purchase any pack of Bravecto throughout October from Pet Circle: Your support can make a significant difference in preserving these unique creatures and their natural habitat.

Want to get involved in the fight to save wombats? If you are a resident of NSW and over 18 and want to volunteer to help treat wombats with mange in your community, you may be eligible to join the WIRES Community Mange Treatment Program. Join the fight to save wombats by enrolling here - WIRES Mange Treatment Course

If you are not in NSW, WIRES can connect you with your local wildlife group. Please contact WIRES at [email protected]

Safeguarding Australia's Cherished Wombats: A Compassionate Collaboration

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