Noël's Christmas Miracle

Noël's Christmas Miracle

Thursday, November 23, 2023

A Christmas Orphan's Journey 

In the heart of Tasmania, a little orphaned Bare-nosed Wombat named Noël captured the spirit of resilience and the power of collaboration. Noël's journey from a fragile 2-kilogram joey to a robust and thriving 13.6-kilogram teenager embodies the dedication of carers and the impact of support from the WIRES and Woolworths partnership. 

Noël's story began tragically when his mother was hit by a car on Christmas Day in 2022. Fortunately, a member of the public found him and sought the help of rescuers. The WIRES X-Matters app notified Susie from Wild Hearts Rescue about the tiny, orphaned wombat. Embracing the spirit of the season, she named him Noël, a fitting tribute to a Christmas orphan. 

Initially stressed and facing severe digestive issues, Noël required 2-hourly attention around the clock for either medication, electrolytes or his bottles. Noël's spirit prevailed; he emerged stronger, healthier, and happier and is due for release back into the wild in March 2024.

Noël's Christmas Miracle

Noël's Christmas Miracle

Collaborative Spirit: Support for Noël's Journey 

The turning point in Noël's life was marked by support from the WIRES and Woolworths partnership. WIRES Food Support Program was pivotal, providing essential milk formula that aided his recovery and growth. This program is made possible through Woolworths initiatives of Reindeer Carrots and Wally the Wombat Christmas cake, contributing a percentage of sales to support wildlife care efforts. 

As Noël matures and embraces his wild instincts, his journey embodies collaboration, resilience, and the festive spirit. Woolworths Wally the Wombat Christmas cake and Reindeer Carrots are a testament to Noël's remarkable recovery and the collective efforts of all of us that sustain our native wildlife. 

This Christmas, as you indulge in the delightful Wally the Wombat Christmas cake from Woolworths, where $1 from each sale goes to WIRES, remember the story of Noël. Your contribution helps continue the vital work of WIRES and its partners in nurturing and protecting Australia's precious wildlife.

Noël's Christmas Miracle

Noël's Christmas Miracle

Support WIRES at your local Woolworths store by purchasing Reindeer Carrots and Wally the Wombat cake in store now. Your contribution directly aids the essential work of WIRES in rescuing and rehabilitating Australia's Wildlife.  

Support for Tasmanian Wildlife Carers 

Through the Woolworths and WIRES partnership, WIRES has played a vital role in supporting wildlife in Tasmania. Approximately 30 wildlife carers in the state receive crucial support thanks to the provision of specialised wildlife food. This assistance significantly alleviates the financial burden on these carers, enabling them to prioritise the well-being of the animals under their care. Additionally, four Woolworths stores in Tasmania actively contribute by donating fresh surplus food to these carers. This initiative not only helps keep the bellies of wildlife full but also aligns with Woolworths commitment to reducing food waste, creating a positive impact on both the environment and animal welfare. 

To discover more about the impactful partnership between WIRES and Woolworths, click here. Explore how this collaboration continues to make a difference in safeguarding our native animals and supporting carers.

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