Wedge-tailed eagle rescue and release

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WIRES NR received a call from Ken of Ruthven after he noticed one of the resident Wedge-tailed eagles was on the ground and didn’t fly off when he approached.

Melanie from WIRES was called for the rescue. Even though the eagle was underweight and exhausted, she could still fly a bit. She was finally captured after being herded into a paddock of long grass which made it difficult for her to take off. The eagle’s mate and juvenile offspring circled, and watched while the rescue was in progress.

The eagle had no injuries, but excessive saliva in her mouth indicated a fungal infection. The Casino Vet Clinic prescribed medication and probiotics and along with a diet of rabbits and rats, with some extra liver and heart, and her strength quickly returned.

Wedge-tailed eagle rescue and release

After 12 days in care, she was successfully released from the hill above where she was rescued.

Thank you to Ken who keeps an eye on all the local native wildlife. Without his call to WIRES this magnificent bird would not have survived. Donate now and help WIRES save wildlife.

Wedge-tailed eagle rescue and release

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