Bushfire-animal rescue

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bushfire-animal rescue

WIRES attends many emergency situations such as flying-foxes caught on power lines where power companies and WIRES work together to save animals. During bushfires we are on standby to get onto fire grounds when the RFS declares the area safe.

If the fire service finds a native animal during a bushfire and it requires care, WIRES steps in to give it the best chance of survival possible. We are the people who are up out of bed at 3am to feed 6 orphaned eastern grey kangaroo joeys, to attend to a severely injured wombat on the side of a country road and the people who have set up an aviary in their backyard to care for sick or injured birds.

Every gift to WIRES alleviates suffering. We are on the ground saving wildlife because generous people are helping us to survive. Please make your contribution today, join our Virtual Care team it could mean the difference to an animal in trouble tomorrow. Please remember how important you are in this.

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