Trapped in chicken coop

Monday, May 22, 2023

Trapped in chicken coop

Earlier this winter WIRES was called when a juvenile Wedge-tailed eagle managed to find itself trapped in a chicken coop where it had been attacked by the rooster and hens.

The owner of the property managed to contain the bird in a smaller aviary for a few hours until a WIRES carer could reach them. 

The eagle was not only exhausted but also injured, along with its pride no doubt. 

A WIRES volunteer collected the eagle and drove it a significant distance to Casino where it was examined and treated. On examination it was found that the rooster had managed to inflict a puncture wound close to the eagle’s spinal column which affected the use of his left leg. 

With pain medication and antibiotics he has started using his leg and his carer reports his attitude is returning, which means he is getting better.

It is expected this young male Wedge-tailed eagle will make a full recovery and will be released when he has fully recovered.

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