Wildlife Food Fund

100% of donations to the Wildlife Food Fund are used to feed wildlife in care

In the last financial year WIRES received over 200,000 calls to our 1300 number, including over 130,000 requests for wildlife rescue advice and assistance. 

Hundreds of animals are always in care, with spring and summer being the busiest months. The cost to feed different animals in care varies greatly from species to species, food types, brands and across all different ages. WIRES spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on food for wildlife annually, up to 1 million dollars annually in years with major national disasters. 

WIRES provide 100% food subsidies for approved foods for WIRES volunteers and supports thousands of carers nationally with wildlife food costs. WIRES also provides immediate disaster relief that includes essential food support to carers and groups impacted by wildlife emergency events.

All gifts to WIRES Food Fund are 100% directed to supporting the cost of wildlife food for native animal being rehabilitated. Please donate generously today to support the care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

WIRES is a registered Australian charity that has been supporting Australian wildlife for over 35 years. All gifts to WIRES $2 and over are tax-deductible within Australia.

will feed a wombat joey for 20 weeks\*
will feed a kangaroo joey for 10 weeks
will feed a wallaby joey for 10 weeks
will feed brushtail possum joeys for 16 weeks
will feed ringtail possum joeys for 4 months

*Wombat joeys can be in care longer than any other species, often needing care for up to 2 years before they can be released.