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Kids pages

Art of Brentos-Australian Animals WIRES Rescue Van Art of Brentos - Outback Australia

WIRES is dedicated to wildlife education and knows that the future preservation and protection of Australia wildlife will be in the hands of our children.

We have some great kid's activity sheets and you can download and print the pdf files from the links below.

Colouring in - WIRES Rescue

Colouring in - Australian Animal Art by Brentos

Colouring in - Australian Outback by Brentos

Colouring in - Powerful owl

Colouring in - Quoll

Colouring in - Red-tailed black cockatoo

Colouring in - Squirrel glider

More commonly seen Australian animals

Colouring in - Kangaroo

Colouring in - Koala

Colouring in - Possum

Wildlife find-a-word

Wildlife find-a-word-answer-sheet

Wildlife Education Booklet & Animal Fact Sheets

If you are a teacher or community group leader you might like to download WIRES Wildlife Education booklet.

The booklet does not match the current curriculum but it has lots of great information about Australia’s native animals and contains a lot of excellent educational content and activities designed to help primary school aged children develop their knowledge of and interest in Australian wildlife please download (2mb file) our comprehensive education kit at no cost.

You can also download a series of wildlife fact sheets that provide background information about the 53 animals studied in the Wildlife Booklet. They were developed to inform children and their teachers and the wildlife information sheets can be photocopied on A4 sheets and handed out to students download animal Fact Sheets (8 mb)

Wildlife Talks for Schools and Community Groups

Did you know that Australia holds the world record for the country with the greatest number of species extinctions in the last 200 years? The more we understand the relationship between our native wildlife, its habitat and the impact we have - the better the chance of survival for Australia's unique animals.

WIRES volunteers regularly provide wildlife talks to school and community groups. If you would like to organise a WIRES representative to speak to your school, community group or organisation, please email info@wires.org.au the details of your request including; your name, contact details, when you would like someone to speak and where.

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